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Fire Safe Services

fire safety equipment

Drayton Valley’s Fire Equipment Specialists

Our fire equipment division, Fire Safe Services, offers everything you need to keep your employees and your property free from the potentially devastating effects of an unexpected fire. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you with any of your fire prevention needs, including on-site certified technicians who can perform recertification, and inspection services to ensure you are up to field safety standards. Fire Safe Services also offers high-quality fire extinguisher service including sales, service, and rentals.

Our helpful and friendly experts will work with you to determine which fire protection services and equipment will be most beneficial for your property. We provide the following:

  • Fire extinguisher sales, service and rentals

  • Propane sales and service

  • Linde depot

  • Mobile fire extinguisher maintenance unit

Fire Safety Inspections

Regular inspections are a great way to ensure that your fire extinguishers work when needed. Our team of qualified technicians will inspect your units thoroughly. We also offer annual maintenance inspections of fire extinguishers for large commercial sites. Our team undertakes inspections of all types of fire extinguishers including dry chemicals, CO2, Class K, pressurized water, and wheeled units.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge & Maintenance

It is important to keep your fire extinguishing equipment properly maintained to keep your family, employees and your investments safe! Regular maintenance helps keep your equipment in good working condition. Complete Supplies & Fire Safe Services is licensed by the Alberta Department of Safety, and we follow the NFPA-10 guidelines to inspect and perform your fire extinguisher’s maintenance. All our technicians are certified and licenced and we offer a warranty on our recharge services. Please note that we do not offer a warranty for losses incurred due to units failing to perform.

Visit us or call us to know more about our inspection and maintenance services.

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Fire prevention and preparation are key to a safe work site!

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