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First Aid Kits and Supplies

Keeping Your Workplace Safe with First Aid Kits in Drayton Valley

Complete Supplies & Fire Safe Services offers CSA-compliant first aid kits for workplace emergencies. We also provide supplies that help you keep your equipment CSA-compliant. We have a huge inventory and can always help you restock your supplies whenever required.

Choose from our wide variety of supplies for eye and ear protection. We also offer portable eyewash stations and other eyewash solutions to keep handy in your commercial space in case of an emergency. We cater to all your first aid kit requirements for various job sites such as offices, sick rooms, sports fields, daycares, as well as your residence!

If you are looking for a reliable source to provide you with the supply of first aid kits in Drayton Valley, give us a call today.

first aid supplies

Need First Aid Supplies for Home or Office?

We've got a wide range of quality first aid kits to keep at hand for emergencies.

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